Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Term 1 writing sample

I am learning to:
-write and use a range of simple words using my phonic knowledge
-read as I write to make sure my writing makes sense.
-consistently use capital letters and fullstops correctly.
-spell some high frequency words correctly
-add some detail to my writing.

I know I am successful when:
-I try words on my own
-I have read my writing and it makes sense.
-my writing has fullstops and capital letters in the right place.
-I use words from list 1A and 1B in my writing
-I can identify the detail I have written e.g. who, what where, when.

Taylor said," I can do 2 sentences now. I know all my words in my book."

1 comment:

Mrs Tetupu said...

I like the way you are beginning to write the beginning and middle sounds of your guess words. Keep it up Taylor.